MCAT Prep Is A Marathon. Not a Sprint.


But we get you there stronger than any course, tutor, or self prep schedule can. 

Review alone will only get you to the low 500s. Anything above that is mastering strategy. 

it’s tiring and can get depressing at times. You’re mentally exhausted, completely burnt out. But you’re not alone. 

Our team of experts have been there, made many mistakes, did it wrong. However, it is these very experiences that allow us to save 1,200,000+ Hours of work for our students, boost MCAT scores, and instilled the belief that anyone can achieve any goal. 

“I want to do well on the MCAT. I feel like I've done everything right. I’ve been pulling all-nighters at least five days a week for the past three months. I’ve taken what seems like a million prep courses, study guides, flashcards. I’ve even gone through at least 9 MCAT study books. 

I even created cheat sheets, used my eidetic memory to look at them for a couple of seconds. Spent time teaching the concepts to some other students preparing for the MCAT to refine my verbal reasoning. 

These are the same strategies I’ve used all my life and worked like a charm in the past. 

 Not this time… I only managed a low 500’s on the MCAT and lie to my friend’s about my real score out of pure embarrassment. 

I honestly don’t understand what’s going on. I’m not incompetent or plain stupid. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m around the 90-99 percentile based on my class based off of my undergrad GPA.

The worst part about this whole situation is the amount of pressure I’m feeling from friends and family as well as the internal pressure I put on myself... I have this drive to amount to something great in the eyes of my parents who are immigrants.

What else can I do to improve a low MCAT score?”

-Aspiring, but mentally drained pre-med student.

Does your upcoming MCAT Prep make you feel like a failure? 

  • Do you suffer from feelings of isolation, like the world is closing in on you - and so overwhelmed and depressed that you see your dreams of becoming a doctor slip away?
  • Does it frustrate you that your current MCAT Prep Course doesn’t strike an equal balance between teaching strategy and content?
  • Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you are able to achieve your greatest potential, organize and execute the courses of action required for a successful performance on your MCAT?

How You Can Pinpoint the Most Beneficial Next Step to Apply Immediately on YOUR Journey to Med School

Remember the scene in the first Matrix where Neo (Keanu Reeves) learns martial arts in just 12 seconds. He is hooked up to the computer, and the ‘martial arts’ are uploaded into his brain.
In one of the more memorable scenes in the movie, Neo comes out of the upload session, opens his eyes and says ... “I know Kung-Fu!”

That’s what we want for YOU!
Now obviously, we can’t transfer our everything we know directly into your brain. But our team of coaches, tutors, and consultants can put our collective experience at your disposal. Combined with what you know about MCAT preparation—we can develop a plan to dramatically reduce the time it takes to study and retain information...and overcome any tactical challenge you may be facing FAST.
More importantly, we'll put any overwhelming feelings to the grave and lay everything out for you STEP BY STEP.

You see, between our coaches, consultants and tutors... 

  • We’ve built a successful test prep company…
  • We’ve helped 100s of who’ve gone on to become medical students...
  • We’ve seen thousands of mistakes and know the consequences... 
  • And we’ve witnessed hundreds of successful students improve not only MCAT scores, but their entire experience…

I can almost guarantee that whatever challenges you may be facing, is something that one of us have also experienced and knows exactly what to do (and what not to do!)
With our combined experience at your disposal, we can spot the weaknesses in your current study strategies... And plot the best path to victory…
A path more likely to be easier and faster than the one you’re on right now..

With minimal nancial expenses...

Which preserves your morale and momentum!

Then, when you go into battle with the MCAT you’ll have OUR skills on a ‘muscle memory’ even if something happens which the initial plan didn’t anticipate, you can react immediately with lethal effect.

Before we dive into the details, I have a quick question for you...

Which of These Scenarios Have You Experienced?

“I wasted an entire month just trying to learn how to study for the MCAT. It was very inefficient starting out. Now when I look back I wish I had budgeted this in when I first started my MCAT prep. Because I only planned three months of prep and burned one month, I was already 60 days out from the exam before gaining any real traction.”

“I expected a review course to teach me everything I need for the MCAT. But I can’t review what I don’t already know.”

“I wish I had a support network for the MCAT. It would’ve been nice to have a few study partners to have review sessions with.“

“Current MCAT is fairly new. It was released in 2015.So many MCAT Prep companies still haven’t adequately prepared for it, and the biggest problem is that their practice material is not similar enough to the new MCAT.”

“AAMC releases more material suited to the new format. Unfortunately, these test prep companies have failed to revise their books and practice questions to be more applicable to the new MCAT style and content.”

And how do you solve these problems?

The Single Most Important (and DESTRUCTIVE) Thing Either Helping YOU or Holding You Back   

Our mindsets determine the way we perceive the world as well as the way we behave and who we are as people. It’s very easy to stay stuck in fixed mindsets - limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevent us to learn new things. 

We can intentionally cultivate a growth mindset that allows to stretch our mind and amplify the realm of possibilities, and who we are. 

Amplifying our mindsets is one, if not the most important secrets to success. 

The MCAT does a wonderful of testing the content of introductory science courses. Combine that with the critical thinking skills, and you'll make an excellent physician.

To be successful, as with any exam, the time for review and preparation for the exam has to be there. The last couple of months leading to the exam was a blur. All I remember was spending twenty hours days studying for weeks (which I don't recommend). So believe me when I say that I completely understand where you're coming from.

But more than that, I attribute my success on the exam to the way I studied and developed my metacognition in the years leading up to the exam. It was during my first few years in college that I developed the way of thinking that ultimately led to my success.

One of the biggest misconceptions about science classes is the perceived necessity to memorize information to regurgitate for the exams. Whereas some amount of memory recall is essential to learning, a focus on rote memorization can detract from the process.

What we've repeatedly observed from our tutors is that, after studying, students can often answer questions from a range of topic. However, when follow-up questions were presented, most students struggle to respond. 


We believe this is the key to learning and being able to switch the way of thinking from short-term memorization to long-term understanding. If more time is devoted to understanding the reasoning behind the scientific principles, then facts will no longer be required to be memorized.

Instead, when asked a question, you can reason your way to the answer. This is the key to developing the critical thinking skills necessary for the MCAT. This test will give you information on topics you’ve never seen before, and if you haven’t learned these reasoning skills, no memorized list is going to help you.

There is no such thing as stupid mistakes. Every single thing you do wrong happened because of a fMed in your thinking, probably one that has persisted throughout your entire studying experience.

Your performance and motivation are in part determined by how effective you believe they can be. We instill fundamental principles of Self-Efficacy which refers to beliefs in one's capabilities to organize and execute situations. Self-efficacy influences people's ability to learn, their motivation and their performance, as people will often attempt to tasks for which they believe they will be successful. 

Here’s How You Can Cut Your “Time to Success” In Half and Avoid A Great Deal of the Financial and Mental Anguish…

Let's go back to in history. 1896 to be exact... 

In case you were unaware, the Anglo-Zanzibar war was the shortest war in history lasting 45 minutes…

During this time, the British were experiencing conflict and were rather unhappy with the regime change in Zanzibar. 

What ensued afterward was a brilliant plan of attack from the Brits who quietly position warships in front of the royal palace and proceeded to blast the place to bits while simultaneously landing royal marines on the ground to assist the attack.
And after just 45 minutes of this brutal, surprise attack, the uncooperative ruler of Zanzibar fled the palace and a more ‘cooperative’ ruler was installed in his place.

You see...

The real key to winning is having both a superior plan of attack AND overwhelming force...

we make you into med students; not test takers. 

Get started today and see how easy preparing for this 'beast of an exam' can be.