Principal Investigator Training

CCRP offers online principal investigator training to physicians and doctorate-level degree holders interested in beginning a career as a PI. The principal investigator training course is a 1-on-1 course designed to assist in obtaining the knowledge needed for initial PI roles. Because US PI certification requires at least 6 months of experience as a principal investigator, physicians in our online principal investigator training program seek this course to assist in their preliminary positions as a PI prior to the national PI certification exam.

clinical research training

60 hours

Our 60 hour principal investigator training course is designed to be one of the highest-density courses in the industry for principal investigators. Obtaining 60 hours of training on a 1-to-1 basis allows for doctorate-level degree holders to gain fundamental skills to secure a position as a principal investigator. This also ensures the basis of the online course to be beyond that of broad concepts, and tailors to each student’s needs in applying the concepts.

online, self-paced

CCRP offers online, self-paced modules for principal investigators because we understand the demand of current jobs, research internships, board-certification exams, and family that can impact learning. While these modules are self-paced, all principal investigators are monitored daily by our Senior PI instructor to ensure adequate speed and retention.

resume transition

While working as a physician, obtaining a PhD, or working in research labs can be helpful in obtaining a career as a principal investigator, our certification is a key step to transitioning the resume from clinical work to PI work. This certification allows hiring companies and recruiters to quickly pick up on you adept and prepared skillsets needed for the principal investigator jobs you many apply for. It also allows you to have a more thorough conversation during interviews, a more succinct cover letter, and the overall experience needed to begin a career as a PI. All accepted physicians can quality to work as a principal investigator upon resume review by our CCRP team.