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CRC Training. With 110+ modules, interview rounds, and 1-on-1 tutoring; this course establishes you for a career as a CRC.

Our Philosophy

Payment plans of up to 4 months available.


ICH GCP Training 

15 modules — The ICH GCP training modules go over the entire ICH GCP guidelines in detail. They teach you how to apply them rather than just understand the protocols. This is the essential basis of CRC training.

Quality Monitoring 

55 modules — The quality monitoring modules are needed to work as a supervisor on clinical trials. These modules allow you to obtain the application, examples, and guidelines needed to monitor trials with ease in your new position.

Regulatory Training    

10 Modules — Regulatory training allows you to understand and apply the FDA regulation guidelines to each individual trial you will supervise.

Audit and Inspections  

5 Modules — The auditing and inspections modules train you to prepare clinical trials for auditing by your company, government organization, or academic organization.

Writing monitoring reports & follow up letters

20 Modules — These modules immerse you in understanding, applying, and learning to write monitoring reports, follow up letters, and professional write-ups required in the CRC position after each clinical site visit or review.

Competency Testing of CRA         

15 modules — The competency testing of CRA’s modules is the next course needed to ensure you are ready for CRA examination after your CRC career. This can save you upwards of $2-5k in the future and make your a superior applicant even with an entry-level resume. We establish our CRC’s as future leaders in the clinical trial space by ensuring you have the full education needed to be promoted in your career quicker than without the course.

cRC Immersion recruitment        

5 experiences — We establish the basic immersion needed and relationships with some of the top CRC recruiters to ensure you get a job in the field after full CRC training. Our immersion modules mimic real-life clinical trials to ensure you have new experiences to add to your resume when speaking with your CRC recruiter.

cRC Letters of reference

5 references — Our top clinical trial supervisor leads offer interviewing and letters of reference upon approval based on your success in the course. We can offer up to 5 letters of reference after interviewing you and understanding your experience from the course and immersion.

cRC interview preparation

5 sessions — Dr.Tiwana works 1-on-1 with each student to prepare them for up to 4 rounds of interviews they will face when applying for the CRC position. These video conferencing sessions are essential in developing the right dialect needed to convey the experience and readiness for the position.