After 3 weeks of the course, I received my first interview request. Dr.Tiwana shifted her schedule to meet with me and get me prepared for the first round of interview.
— Student Testimonial



I applied to over 60 jobs after getting my bachelors and didn’t receive any interview requests except for internships. This course gave me experience for my resume and helped me write personal cover letters that led to 2 CRC interviews.

— student testimonial

Dear Dr.Tiwana, I fondly appreciate you taking the time to teach me these basics. I was devastated after finished a certification elsewhere and not finding a job for a year after searching. You provided me information that I could not learn even from my textbooks and I appreciate you for this.

— student testimonial

I wanted a better career to feel like I actually used my science degree. Very happy with what i’ve learned so far. Thank you!

— student testimonial

This is the best option for premeds taking a gap year. Amazing support by Dr.Tiwana!

— student testimonial